Products & Services

  Range of Security Service    
  List below are several of the more commonly requested and provided for services from our wide spectrum of security services.    
  Security Consultation     
  Consultation is available on a complimentary basis from our Marketing and Customer Service Officers in so far as security aquipment's and the development of security personnel necessary to meet the basic requirements based on the availability of budgets extended.    
  Internal Static Security personnel    
  Uniformed security personnel - armed and unaemed are deployed 24 hours a day to provide for static guard duties and security detail at the various locations inclusive of banks, factories, construction, site, private residences, condominium, condomnium office tower etc.    
  Cash In Transit / CIT     
  The service involves the transference of money and other negotiable instruments between the client's premises to or from banks using our armored vehicles and armed security personnel. A comprehensive insurance coverage is extended during the handling and transit of the money.     
  Overnight Vaulting and Banking in Services    
  An ancillary service normally to that of the CIT the service includes the safeguarding of all money collected after the normal banking hours to kept until such time when the money can be deposited into the respective banks.    
  Security Escorts    
  An popular services requested normally by the goldsmith and jeweler's. This service provides for both armed and unarmed uniformed security personnel to provide for security escorts to and from the showrooms.    
  Personal Bodyguards     
  Plainclothes armed security personnel from the Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd the pool of personal bodyguards who provide for close contact protection to the dignitaries and very important people against the threat of kidnapping and or physical assault.     
  Neighborhood Patrols    
  Mobile patrol vehicles and unifomed security personnel available for patrolling and any reconnoitering of the residential area to ensure that there are no suspicious characters lounging in or around the residential are. The security personnel will patrol the area at regular intervals and check that the areas is free from any would prowlers and or undesirable elements.    
  Telecontact Security    
  On duty 24 hours a day at telecontact unit contact the cliebts premises via telephone at intervals requested upon by clientele to check on the status of the security at the premises by requesting for the all clear code. In the event of abnormalities where the code given is incorrect Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd will immediately dispatch a team of uniformed armed guard security personnel to check on the status of the security at the premises within 30minutes.    
  Private Investigation    
  Private investigation on matrimonial matters, insurance claims, investigations the locating of displaced and absconded personnel ant others are carried aou discreetly by members of the Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd trained and experienced in such matters.    
  Payroll Packeting     
  It is through this service thet many firms including that of factories and estates have been relieved of the cumbersome task of providing their employees with cash payroll and facing the risk of armed robbery, Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd collecting the payroll from the banks quantifying the cash into the specially designed envelopes as per instruction for disbursement and providing armed security personnel during the disbursement.    
  Courier Delivery    
  Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd use fast and secure mobile vehicles to transport and convey the clientele's important and confidential documents and packages to any part of the country at top speed and under tight security.    
  Security Surveys    
  Security surveys are done via sites visits and investigations where a report will be provided to our clientele as to necessary measures to be taken in terms of securing the promises against the burglaries, theft and fire. In addition recommendations would include security equipments, security personnel and their deployment necessary in maintaining security equipments, security personnel and their deployment necessary in maintaining according to the budgets available.    
  Guard Dogs    
  The service being an ancillary to the more populary requested for services of static security personnel provides for trained imported dogs and their handlers from our K9 units to be deployed as when is reuired. The service is normally requested for during the musical concerts and for located in desolate locations.    
  Central Monitoring System    
  The system provides for close monitoring 24 hours around the clock of the system located at client's premises and is able to detect any alarms crisis such as fire break-ins. Our trained personnel will upon the detection of the alarms contact the relevent authorities at the same time dispatch of the team from Kawalan Keselamatan Damai Sdn Bhd to the premises to act back-up to any situation that may arise at the premises.